Monday, August 24, 2009

Legs of steel...

Hello my people…

Today I am exhilarated, I am in love with life, I am writing to you after a hilarious day of shooting with Sajid Khan and my wonderful co-stars, Ritesh, Arjun, Lara and Deepika, who after shooting the first song of our movie, are now only singing one song repeatedly, and that’s ‘He’s such a Loser’, and it is directed only at me. I am playing a Loser of all Loser’s, and the crazy director that Sajid is has made a song to make all idiots in the world feel like absolute idiots, (even then, compared to me, they're probably still cooler than I am ;o( … I love his ideas, he’s afraid of nothing, he has so much faith in me its scary. And we are cracking ribs on this set. Problem is I have to keep such a straight face in this film that I have bitten my bottom lip almost down to the bone ;o)….
But why I am smiling from ear to ear is for the strangest reason. At the moment we’re shooting in east London, and on the way home we hit severe traffic, so my fitness freak trainer says “why don’t we run the rest of the way home and see if we can beat the car!!” Then my driver lays a bet down that WE would reach the hotel before them, so of course the bet is on. So on come the trainers and boom we’re off on some 5mile run at 10.30 at night. We pass all the other cars with my co-stars,the producer, choreographer and director, as they sit there watching their lead actor running through the streets of London wearing a suit and trainers, going “what the hell is he doing, he’ll get mobbed.” As you must be knowing London is full of Indians and Arabs and all kinds of Asians, so running down Oxford street became some what of a mission. Guys were running after me trying to figure out if what they had just seen was true, “was that Akshay Kumar?” Then even more people started saying “who, who”, so by the end I felt like half an Indian army were running behind me, and asking me to come home for dinner. It was heart warming for sure. I love my people ;o) In no other culture have I ever seen a bigger heart than an Indian heart...
So if any of you out there reading this were there that night, I salute you, you ran like true fans and I respect you for that. Plus you gave me a brain wave, I’d never want to stop seeing you all, but the running was way too much attention for any man to handle. So!! I bought a couple of mountain bikes and now I’m cycling from the set to my hotel, through the middle of ancient London and by the time people see my ugly face I’m gone, before they’ve even got there cameras out. I don’t mean to be rude, but if I stopped every couple of metres to say hello to everyone, I’d never break a sweat, and your hero would be a fatty on a bike and then no one will be wanting my picture ;o)… Now I cycle miles through Hyde Park everyday, I love how many people no matter what their age, are in the Park come rain or shine doing some sort of fitness, from tai chi, to football, cycling, running, Frisbee, rugby. Even the army brings recruits to train in the Park, there’s horse riding, swimming, dog walking, and even cricket. It’s truly exhilarating, I feel great, with my lungs burning, my legs killing, and I’m not alone, you have hundreds of people trying to become as fit as you are… Every city needs a Hyde Park, but what I loved was how many Sikhs I saw riding bikes, and Hindu’s walking in their lovely Saree’s enjoying their morning exercise. It gives me such a warm feeling knowing my culture and my people are living it up in all corners of the world… So anyone out there whose struggling to keep fit, I recommend buying a bicycle, and just ride around, forget about your stresses and just breathe in the air that surrounds you, what’s holding you back? Believe me a happy body gives you a happy soul ;o) so be happy, give your heart a reason to pump, remember a wasted day is a day without laughter, so laugh your hearts out, be Exhilarated!!!!.........

My Love and prayers
Your Akshay X


  1. Prolly it will work! but it is so hard to find riding place in HK! and one question though.. is mornin walk better than the evening?!

  2. i hope you won the bet akki! really lookinng forward to the film!

  3. Good to see you bloggin. Will start following it now more often.
    I have to be your BIGGEST Fan!

    Wether its growing my hair, Starting with martial arts or doing parkour now ... its all thanx to you.

    Thank you for the fantastic films you've given us over the years.

  4. अक्षय जी ,

    ये अंगरेजी का मोह त्याग के हिंदी में भी कुछ लिखें तो बात बने .....!!

  5. Dear Akshay.. With love to you from far Russia! You are very much loved in our country.. I love your films, you also very much pleasant for me as warm and the sincere person.. I wish you the big creative successes, take care please.. Bless God to you.. With warm love from Russia..

  6. ok akki will do as you say to control the flab and become as fit as you are ,your words are so inspiring keep blogging,we love you

  7. Happy birthday I wish you happiness in your life and success with your career.

  8. akki bhai, will you help me go fitter? I used to be lean and fit. Now the consulting and the softwares have made me plum at wrong places. You are one of the most fit people I have seen.
    I know you are a busy person. Any bit and pieces of advice will be of great help!

    Keep rocking, you for sure is the khiladi!

  9. I am from new delhi your Big fan. You are my style icon. I cut my hair as u do in namastey london. Sir I love you.

  10. well said about making life more meaningful
    how was it in south africa

  11. This is a wonderful & great experience you've narrated and shared here.

    All the best for BLUE! I saw the Theaterical Promo yesterday at Fun Cinemas Chembur, when I'd gone for this romantic comedy, The Ugly Truth, with my wife!

    The Promo sure seems very promising. Looking forward to watching the movie. Once again all the best.

    - Kalpesh Ajugia
    Pixellicious Photos

  12. Akshay for a first time i am reading your blog and it is as amazing as watching you on screen. Now i am a fan of your writing is well. It's our pleasure to keep in touch with you through your Blog.

  13. Damn you had a blog never knew about it.. you should post regularly.. very good post..

  14. hey Akshay... cool man.. i never knew u had a blog out here...

    waiting for u r next ACTION movie

    keep up the good work... :D

  15. you are an inspiration to all your fans, the way you have maintained your physique throughout is simply outstanding. keep up the good work. n're my GOD!!!!!!!

  16. Thank u for sharing your thoughts and amazing spirit with all of us, you are such an inspiration and a beautiful person, your movies are amazing and your effort is so admirable, reading your blog inspires me and I wanted to thank you for your beautiful movies, your amazing acting, for entertaining and inspiring everyone and for your lovely soul. I'm so envious of all the fans that get to meet you and thank you in person. God bless you
    My love...Eman from Egypt