Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Blue Experience...

There is more to Blue than anyone who watches this film could ever imagine!!! It’s not just the colour Blue, (not since I cracked my head open and bled like a stuffed pig 100ft under water!!) This experience has pushed just about everyone involved to their absolute limits. From the producer’s bank balance, to the director’s maximum efforts for his first baby which just happens to be the most dangerous movie I’ve ever been a part of. To all the actors and actresses, the pressures and fitness levels we all had to reach; before any of us could even enter the water; to the amount of amazing talent and resources and crew effort... The list is endless... Seriously, if people hadn’t given their utmost love and dedication to the film; I don’t think anyone of us would have gone anywhere near that many sharks! People always ask me whether I’m mad to work with first-time directors on such huge movies! My answer is always, I’d be mad not to.

What I loved shooting about this film other than the extreme stunts, the pressure, and hardcore diving sessions with all those hungry sharks around, was the fact that I got to work with the toughest, the most professional and most talented team I’ve ever come across. Pete Zuccarini, the underwater cameraman is a person I’ll never forget. He taught me not only to look like a fish but act, swim and feel like I belonged underwater, and that’s why I pushed myself to my limit in this film.

I trained myself to be able to handle whatever these guys could throw at me. When there is an entire crew waiting for you to nail a shot, you do not want to be the fool to get it wrong, I respected their time and effort and therefore they respected my attempt at being a human dolphin for them!

There are a million thank you’s I’d love to give, but I just want to say that if this movie gets appreciated half as much as it deserves I’d be a very happy man. Blue has created a new Bollywood dimension and no matter what the outcome may be, I take my hat off to everyone who made this insane movie come true. Even when it got rocky, Tony my friend, you made the waters calm...

Yours Akshay...


  1. looking forward to see this movie..still not yet realese in malaysia...guess on diwali....hope u have recover from the head injuries... take care...alots of love from us..

  2. really cant wait to see this one !! You all look like never before.. mind blowing.. all the best :)

  3. Looking forward to seeing this one...All the best...Love - Gopi,Bella and Pooja.

  4. One of the better movies. The storyline could have been developed more. Concentrate on strong content to engage viewer interest

  5. Its a very good movie according to me and a must watsh for action lovers...


  6. I didnt like it Akshay! Im Sorry=(

    You are awesome. Blue just wasnt!

  7. Hola hola, que maravilhosa este blogue, and dont u dare tell me u stopped writing here...we miss u ....even a hullo would rock here .....and ur home in Goa sure does rock away.......

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  9. Waiting for House Full Akki Bai, waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting

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