Friday, July 17, 2009

The Battle Is Over...

Hello Everyone…

Three down, two more movies to go this year, I almost feel like a cricketer, if I Hit two more wickets this year India’s won, and if I don’t then I think I’m off the team, ‘He He’ ;o) I’m only kidding, I aint going anywhere,coz right now I’m so happy and tension free. If you saw a picture of me two weeks ago, I looked like someone had put a gun to my head and was being forced to create world peace… But now, post ‘Kambakht Ishq’ I look like I’ve been on holiday, I haven’t, but at least I look like I have. I feel great, my audiences have given me a Huge Hit, I’m back to my funny usual self, meaning I’ve put my head straight into another movie, yes wait for it, Sajid Khan is back with an almighty bang. We’re into our 4th day of shooting ‘House Full’ in oh so sunny England, (seriously it rains here more than Bombay, no wonder Londoners get depressed…) I have to say even in the rain Sajid Khan is probably the funniest Indian on the planet, I can’t tell you much as its too early into the film, but he’s already made one of the heroines fall out of a window, he’s made me destroy an entire living room and lets just say there was a parrot on set, but he doesn’t flap anymore…

It’s so cool here in London, no wonder there are so many NRI’s here, there’s a cinema on every corner, beautiful parks, loads of restaurants, and I know I’m a guy but the shopping is wicked, my family is having a ball. I’ve been taking my wife and son to Hyde Park everyday, even Aarav trains with me at 6 o’clock in the morning. We’ve hired out mountain bikes, we’ve been conditioning on the monkey area in the kids adventure playground, he loves it here, there’s so much to do… Even though I’m buzzing with excitement, diving head first into a new movie is not an easy task. I sat one whole day with Sajid and the writer to get the feel of my new character, we didn’t move from the room for 10 hours, we just ate curds to keep us alive. We just went over and over on how we’re going to entertain our audience in a bigger and better way than before. Sajid has worked solidly on this movie for 2 years now since he directed ‘Heyy Babyy’, Now it’s up to me, Ritesh D, Lara D, Deepika P, and the rest of the nutty gang to deliver Sajid's enthusiastic genius comedy timing on screen. So the pressure's back on but we’re all loving it. The stories you're all gonna hear about what we’ve been getting up to on the sets will be hilarious enough let alone the movie at the end of it…

But for all of you who are living in Bombay, be safe, stay inside when the storms are bad, stock up on food, and take care, the rains are God’s way of feeding us, just be careful…

Much love and care,
Your Akshay…


  1. It's nice to hear you excited about your next movie. I've just seen Heyy Babyy and it was so funny, I'm positive House Full will be hilarious too.
    Enjoy London with your family and keep us updated on your work.
    Love XXX

  2. You blogs are as entertaining as your movies...they have a good humor to it...good luck!!

  3. cool , hey seeking for more blogs from u akkikeep writing

  4. i am disappointed with you Akshay as you seem to be promoting christianity by openly wearing cross and doing your songs or films in churches but are ashamed of being a hindu.

    God help and forgive you

    god bless

  5. Have you not heard "GOD IS ONE".

  6. Hi Akshay,

    Kida ho tussi????

    Just saw ur promo for Blue....and I am fida over your look. Just loved your look :). I m eagerly waiting for this movie as I do for all the others...

    and Yeah, congrats on the success of KI.

    God Bless
    Jaspreet Kaur.


  7. HHHHHHHhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Akshay !!!!!!!!!
    m here to wish u a veryyyyy happy birthday dear....i hav always wished nd prayed for u but never knew whr to send my wishes nd prayers, but this time i know, this year its even more special coz it 09-09-09 .. God bless U :)

  8. I am very happy to give comment on akshay kumar's blog. Akshay ji You hardwork in your life is commendable. I saw your not only all movies but your all shows or discussions in which you participate. I want to make my body healthy and strong as fit as you. I never forget you dance in this video . you rock the world at that time with your performance.