Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kambakkht Hit!

Whoo Hooo… Yippeeeeee… I’m So Excited And I Just Can’t Hide It, No No No No No, I don’t Know What To Do But I Think I Like It ;o)…

I know I must sound drunk right now but honestly I’m not, I’m just so high on life and it’s all because of youuuu!!! To Everyone out there that has supported me, and made this recording breaking Block Buster Smash Hit come true for me… I want to thank you all for your faith, love and support that you have given me, I’m sorry it’s taken a year but I’ve finally given you a Hit that you are hopefully as proud of as I am. I also want to thank you all for not listening to the negative critics, you have made my entire career this weekend and I owe you many hours of entertaining for years to come for you to feel my genuine thanks. For words cannot describe how happy we all are because of you, our fantastic fans who stood by our movie through all it’s madness and spice, despite what some people are trying to do to it, and for judging the movie for yourselves, it makes us all really proud when our own audiences makes the final decision…

Bollywood is back in Business, lets roll on the hits for everyone this year… ;o)

God Bless you all
Love your
Akshay Kumar


  1. love u AKKI!u were bound to bounce back this time...its all ur hard work taht paid off!u rock,u r hell of a performer, and a good human being...all these add up to ur success!!!!!!!

  2. hi Mr reena from malaysia...u know wat we here really love ur movie kambakt ...really superb movie..i enjoy seeing...had fun...sometimes i feel no one else can act like u...u are very diff...good job..take care

  3. ae bhai, body-sody bana k koi mast movie la na

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  5. hi!
    congrates n v.v.happy 4u...


    Flg high after receiving ur mail.:)))
    its honour to receive mail from ur end:))))
    thk u so so so much...our family n frds pray 4m core of hrt that khambhakth ishq shd run successfully with out any probs:)))
    my fav movie is namasthe many times i watch is also not enuf at all...i am deadly crazy abt that movie....any heroins will luk perfect 4ur movies...:))))ur just really hero n others r just 4 name sake heroes:)))
    v fans wan u 2 work more n more on martial arts related movies ( a truly action as off hollywood movies). i luv actions movies a lot. infact most of ur fans ever i met also like d same. v wish all ur drmz come true:)
    convey my wishes n luv to our junior n madam 2:)))
    i am v.happy to listen that even our junior is learning martial arts.
    i wish u cld do the remake or sequel of "enter d dragon" n play d role of all of our most fav " brucelee" pl .pl. pl. u can even tk as my humble request.....
    pl. do reply n keep in touch,,

    with lots of luv,


  6. I loveee all your movies, you have become such an amazing actor that we all look forward to your movies whenever they come out. Please keep up the hard work, it is very much appreciated! I have been your fan since your very first movie, you are my absolute favorite!! :)

  7. Great styling Akii KI . Well somehow you looked better than bebo. One thing is for sure ,that u have got a great sense of humour..
    looking forward for another one..

  8. Hi, I'm a new fan from Italy, I found out about you after your movie Namastey London was screened on the Italian TV. I was totally blown away by your talent and now I'm trying to catch up with your career. I'd like to see your movies in original language with English subtitles, I'm afraid the Italian dubbing don't do you justice, as I've seen in some bits on youtube.
    You're a great actor and I'm glad I've found you (better late than never!).
    Keep up the great job, I'm looking forward to seeing Kambakkht Ishq as soon as it's released on DVD.
    Much LoveXXX

  9. Do u know your recent movie is hit in KAMBAKKHT ISHQ Still doing well in kuala lumpur although 90% MALAYSIA DONT SPEAK HINDI but they love your movie keep up your good work


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