Sunday, May 24, 2009

The new Robin Hood of India!

Hey Everyone…

It’s me the new Robin Hood of India, I rob from the rich (producers) and give to the poor (my staff), Hehe!! I’m kidding, seriously, it’s comments like these that get me in trouble ;o)…

So did you guys read about my ever so exciting capture by the police, and my wife’s surrender story over my ‘Unbuttoning incident’… My life sounds like a scene out of C.S.I Miami right now I swear, this year is definitely going down in the book of ‘Who framed Akshay Kumar’…
The STORY goes something like, I land back in Bombay and within seconds I’ve had our famous press calling up and reporting that I’ve been captured by the police after running away coz of my supposedly “obscene Levi’s ramp walk”, and my wife has apparently surrendered herself out of fear for her husbands captivity. Listen I understand journalists need to sell their papers but guys you can’t make a fool out of your readers, that story was worse than a ‘C’ grade drama serial... When all that really happened was I came back and drove to the Police station myself, signed some papers, joined my hands, wished them all a pleasant day and went home to my family, it was as boring as that… But instead I’ve been made to feel like the Bad Boy criminal of Bombay for the first time in my life... Now I just need to get a pair of green tights find a bow and arrow, change my name to Robin Hood and I’ll officially be the loved outlaw…

Haha and do you know what I later found out, the guy that placed this ridiculous complaint against me, has actually filed numerous other pointless case’s against other celebrities also. Well I hope he’s happy and has enjoyed his fair share of desperate attention, was it really worth it man…

Now with all that nonsense behind, I want to talk to you about something very serious.

Some of you may already know but one of Bollywood's best make-up artists has just been through a spine chilling horrific experience, I don’t want to delve into it too much out of pure respect for her. But her ordeal should be a wake up call for all of us. Bless her, she was tortured so badly, I was choked up so much when I heard what had happened to her, the whole industry should be thankful she is still here with us now. This brave lady has literally faced death in front of her very eyes, and she is such a wonderful woman, so nice, she’d never hurt anyone. See, life’s not safe, it’s not fair, it’s scary and unpredictable. People of India please start being more careful, if I read one more rape or murder case in out city I think I’ll cry.. Why can’t Mumbai adopt something from Singapore! The crime rate is so incredibly low there, and it’s only because of the “Death Sentence”. It’s given for a lot of severe crimes, no joke, people are even too scared to spit on the street there for fear of being arrested… Now I can’t change the law, but I can advise all of you, especially the women of India to please learn self defence, murderers don’t train to become killers, they just get up and commit sinful acts, but you yourselves can train to kill if necessary if you are ever faced with such vicious humans… Dear God I’m not saying carry a gun, I just think you should all know how to defend yourselves and run before it’s too late and your loved ones are having to explain to your children or your partner that you suffered coz you didn’t know how to fight back… I didn’t learn martial arts to be some famous dude, I trained because the discipline was something I didn’t want to live life without… Tonight please think about how your going to protect yourselves and your family, take care, and live life like you care about it…

Love and Prayers to all of you


  1. Thanks Akki once again not only for a beutiful piece of writing but also for sharing with us your anxiety over the insecurities and evils around life and it shows again how down-to-earth you are,how human and soicial that's why you are still being able to feel the troubles of the commoners. Here i remember what my (and yours too!) favourite legendary Bruce Lee said when he was called a star. He said : 'Call me an actor, the word star sounds so illusory'.
    Finally, my disgust for the that ramp sow fisaco and the its cheap sensationalization of the media, and all my sympathy and prayer for the make-up artist!

  2. Am surprised media picked up your "clarifications" regarding the arrest and didnt care to read the rest of the blog. Otherwise the headlines today would have screamed "Akki advocates death sentences".

    But you are right. Even though death sentences in our country are not awarded to all and sundry, it is actually the fear of the gallows, that prevents most of us to kill. (We all know of some or the other guy who’s alive, because its illegal to kill).

    You could be right that awarding of death sentences to other heinous crimes could well bring down the crime rates in those areas. You know our country. Some people would try to take advantage of that too. Then it would be back to normal. There are just some powerful people in the country who are running it the way they like. Democracy is just a myth in India.

  3. It takes ages to post here. We are able to key in just two-three letters at a time. Then the cursor just stops(hangs). It again takes ages to type in the word verification. Dunno why there’s this problem here. Maybe that’s the reason there are not many people posting comments here. (I have typed this one out in word and pasted it here. Cant do that all the time)

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  5. kiddah??ya like cricket but ma fav ice hockey ( detroit red wings)...
    was reading ya blogs nd chek word harlem globetrotters..av seen er live performance in vancouver..ey r best in er business..
    ya daughter loves basketball but its not dat big game in india..needs academy or good coach at school who can nourish ya daughter's game nd make it at international level..would suggest bring er to states as we have training skuls..nd most of em start in summer season...
    ma kid is 3 yr old nd already joined im ice hockey academy...cnt balanace but learnin hard to skate..

  6. Hi. I am an Indian and I live in Singapore. I understand what you mean. As a matter of fact even I am really worried about the crime rate in India and especially against women and children. But the main problem is that the laws in India are so lax that even terrorists are provided a trial which runs forever and in the end nothing happens(like what's happening now). I don't understand why isn't he just shot dead or hanged? It's not that you have a doubt that you have caught a wrong guy. He was caught red handed. Anyways, crime rate in Singapore is very low and it is because of alert citizens and great security. The police here conduct drills for civilians in shopping malls or mrt stations and teach them how to deal with tough situations. And the great thing is that people participate in it. In India, people don't think like that. They get on with whatever is happening. Funniest thing is we light candles after terrorist attacks, speak some heavy words in front of camera like "we have had enough" but the next day are found leading normal lives. A terrorist was caught here in Singapore few weeks back(maybe u heard of it while u were shooting here). He was the leader of the Jemah Islamiya(one of the biggest terrorist groups of South Asia). You can get more information here-
    Anyways I have written a letter to Pratibha Patil about the Indian security and singapore security and how to improve India as a whole. I know it's easy for me to say and write all those things but difficult to implement. However, we have to start somewhere, right? But the problem is I don't know whether I should send it or not. I don't trust Indian govt. Maybe they would send troops after me because "I plan to defame the govt." or some shit like that. I would be really happy if you can advise me.

  7. By the way me email address is if you want to advise me. And I am commenting over here because bigadda is already so full of comments, I doubt whether you will be able to find my comment over there.

  8. Hi Akki!
    i have mailed this to some of your other colleagues from the film fraternity now i'm sending this to you whom i trust most and expect sky-high!!!!!

    Perhaps you have gone through the news of how badly damaged the Sundarban is by the onslaught of the sea-storm Aila. 60 lakhs people have been affected!(and God knows how many countless wild treasures like Royal Bengal Tiger and crocks have bee lost!!!!!).

    It is an open secret that you have always stood by the victims with all your largeheartedness!this time too those countless nameless innocent people need your help. Yes, the rescue work has been started both by the govt. and the NGOs. but you see the devastation is so huge that these are not enough!
    If you feel like doing anything please visit,, or can mail or acn ph. Sumanta(+919430021295)

  9. Hello Akshay.. I just want to say that you are everything what Chivalry stands for. There are not enough men in this world today who are half as Chivalrous as you are. Inspite of the numerous controversies that has surrounded regarding your bachelor life, I have noticed that you never spoke anything negative about the ladies you have been friends with. And that speaks volumes about the respect you hold for them. Till date... I am yet to meet a Man who embodies a quality like that. Kudos to your parents, for giving you the right upbringing and the right values. I am sure your dad is smiling down at you and uber proud to have a son like you. And I have no doubt that Aarav will grow into a fine Self Made Man like his father.

    I wish you all the best in life and keep entertaining us with your movies.

    Enough and more has been said about your acting abilities... I guess its high time, we acknowledge the nice human being inside you. :-)

    Take care and God bless you.

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