Monday, June 8, 2009

The Battle of the Sexes begins...

Hey Everyone…

WooHoo!!! It’s definitely been a ‘Party’ week for me… For all you cinema goer’s out there it’s time to find your Friday outfits again because Bollywood is back with a bang…
It’s been an uplifting week; let me tell you, from my mother in-laws surprise birthday bash to the ending of the multiplex battle, it’s been exciting I must say.
But now it’s time for the beginning of the real battle, for here comes the most controversial gender movie since umm ‘Dostana’ I think, I’m talking about ‘Kambakkht Ishq’… Yes ladies and gentlemen, “The Battle of the Sex’s”. You all know it very well; it’s been the longest war since man kind. Who’s the better sex? Men or Women? Well let me tell you now, I may be releasing a movie where I am playing a typical male chauvinistic pig, who only thinks of “one thing”, and doesn’t care a damn about women’s feelings at all. But I’d like to clarify something here, I am only playing a character, if I really believed men are Gods and women are only good for one thing, do you really think I would be married to one of India’s most wonderful, talented and striving head strong women? No!! I’d be living in a bachelor pad with a fur rug and a dog called Spike ;o) Believe me I am one man who respects women head over heels more than men, don’t be offended guys, you can’t blame me ;o) Not only are women more loyal but God blessed them with the power of giving birth, and I respect his decision, coz I know for sure no man could ever go through what women go through. And after them putting us wonderful men here on this planet we dare to take their freedom of speech or belittle their gender, Jesus what were we thinking? Seriously because if I ever saw a man mistreat a woman, he’d wish he never woke up that morning…

Lets face it both sexes are equally annoying and equally right in the own way, that’s why we do eventually get married, so for those of you who aren’t Gay then you all know deep down you can’t live life without the woman that you love, be it your wife or your mother, even if they do make you do the dishes!
Here’s something I’d like you all to try for me, after reading this get a paper and pen and write down what you are finding hard or irritating in your relationship and sit down with your partner and make them do the same. Try and list 10 things about each other, don’t shout, don’t be demanding just calmly talk about how you can make your love life that much more incredible, because trust me, the be all and end all of all relationships always comes down to one thing, lack of communication, because there is always one who gives more and one who takes the other for granted, apparently it’s called human nature. Try it out, let me know how it goes, I wanna hear your feed back.
And also it’s Dimple Kapadiaji’s birthday on the 8th of June so please say a prayer for her, we just threw her the surprise party of the century, it was the most wonderful night ever, and I normally hate parties, but there was such a lovely turn out, and it’s always great to see your co-workers drunk and disorderly on the dance floor… So here’s to my lovely mother in-law, many happy returns of the day and here’s to my industry, it’s finally back in business, lets hope we can make our audiences as proud of our movies as we are…
Good Luck with your lists to your loved ones... And Remember ‘Movies are Movies’, please don’t take them personally…

Love and Prayers Always
Akshay Kumar…


  1. Needless to say, I'm you die hard fan and crazy about your physique. Its great to know that you have honorable thoughts for women.

  2. I'm not sure what to call you since formally it would be Mr. Kumar but because I've seen you on screen for years I've been saying Akshay Kumar/Akki haha. Like many others I grew up watching Hindi Film Cinema/Bollywood, guess its the other habit of Indians apart from cricket haha, nonetheless, I have liked just about every film because there is always something good one can find in films, a lesson here or there. But no lesson or moral is good without being applied and so I'm glad a lot of the issues Indian movies raised up whether its about family roles, patriotic role, gender roles, love, religion, etc. influenced me at an early age. I cant speak for everyone, but apart from family teachings the cinema taught me a lot and thats why I've come to admire a lot of actors either for their roles or their off screen persona. You have definitely taught me a lot about life, more than just to stay healthy and active. On another note, movies and online media are just two mediums; hopefully I get to meet and know you in person and we'll jog in the early hours haha. By the way, happy belated birthday to Dimpleji! I think she's aging backward, looking younger by the day haha. Take care and looking forward to hearing from you soon Mr. Shergill I mean Akshay haha

  3. It was a nice read the beginning I thought that you are this narcissist of a writer and will brag about your whereabouts and daily doings ... but I guess I was utterly wrong. Profoundly down this piece there are some unfathomable sincere knowledge you have shared with your fellow bloggers...

    And KUDOS to you for that :)

  4. I got advance tickets to watch the movie..feels so good! :)

    I am sure you are gonna rock in this movie. Your mischievious streak in some of the promos looks very cool..

  5. Hey u r gr8...awaiting to see the it a remake of a tamil film?!?!?

  6. I 've got so much with me to say to akshay( I LOVE HIM LIKE MAD ) that no blog or book can b enough for it....but plz let me believe that if i write sumthing here at this blog wud "AKSHAY" b really reading it ????????????????????